This post from Harold’s Planet could not have been more timely last Friday afternoon…as I was literally just licking the last bit of frosting off of my arm. And wiping it out of my hair. And scrubbing it off our countertops. Ok there was frosting everywhere. I kinda have cupcakes coming out of my ears. After a highly successful cupcake baking spree for Mother’s Day…I thought I would go for round two for Memorial Day weekend which doubles as my dad’s birthday celebration weekend.

I went for pink and springy for Mother’s Day…with lemon vanilla cupcakes with raspberry filling and topped with pink lemonade frosting. They were delicious and perfect and pretty dang cute! I was impressed with myself. I took the easy way out on this batch though, using Betty Crocker’s gluten free yellow cake mix, with added fresh lemon juice. The raspberry filling was jam, and that frosting was purchased. Yeah I know…the icky corn syrupy stuff – but sometimes convenience wins. And the flavor was yummy, I must admit. They were the perfect batch of semi- homemade goodness. I can’t seem to upload pictures from my phone, so unfortunately you will have to imagine the yellow and pink treats. And I will add a picture if I can eventually get it on here!

This weekend’s batch was slightly less successful. I made the cupcakes from scratch…chocolate this time. I was hoping for a chocolate cherry version, so I added chopped dark sweet cherries to the batter. The cupcakes ended up spreading out, getting stuck in the pan, and didn’t have a whole lot of cherry flavor. I went the store bought frosting route again, though my better judgement told me not to. The cupcakes were mightily ugly, so needless to say there is a lot of frosting on top. I topped them off with sprinkles, which we all know makes everything look and taste better. They actually tasted quite good…my husband liked these even more than the lemon version! They were pretty yummy topped with my So Delicious coconut ice cream. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover, sometimes things taste much better than they look! Unfortunately again…I can’t out the pictures up here, so imagine a flat cupcake with a large pile of vanilla icing on top, with some fun multi colored sprinkles!

I wish I could say that I’m the next Cupcake Wars champion…but I think I have some work to do.

And luckily, there are no more birthdays and/or celebrations in the near future so maybe I can come down off this sugar high and get eating clean again!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. What a great time to celebrate sun and summer and especially the men and women who fight for our freedom each and every day.


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