I am a Runner


Oh! Maybe this is how you can tell a runner from a jogger?!

Just last week, I was running with a friend when she told me that she didn’t consider herself a runner. She has completed two half marathons and multiple other races, and goes running regularly. Of course I responded with my personal trainer auto-response of ” if you run, you’re a runner”. Jeez…how clichéd can I be? I hate when I do that.

But it got me thinking, what makes a person a runner? Do you call yourself a “jogger”? What makes a jog, a jog? At what speed does a jog become a run? Does it really matter what you are called?i I think I have pretty much always called what I do running, although it is a slow run. I don’t know why, but I feel like “jogger” has negative connotations sometimes! Like, people who aren’t confident in their fitness call it jogging instead of running. Heck, honestly when I hear the word jogger…I think about the stroller my dad pushed all of my younger siblings in while he ran when they were little! Maybe that’s just me…I don’t mean to offend if you call yourself a jogger.

I know once in a while I will tell someone I’m going for a jog because I don’t want them to think I’m very good. Why do we do this to ourselves? We should be proud of what we do, no matter how fast we are moving, or how long we’ve been doing it. If you are a jogger and proud of it, then you should rock that jog. But if you just don’t think you are good enough to call yourself a runner, think again. If you run, you are a runner. I say it again because it is true.

Today, I read a hilarious article on Runners World about the “Curse of the Jogger” and the perils of even being around a jogger! It made me smile, and is just another reason that we should all just be runners.

If you need another article to convince you, here is the link to one from 2007 called “I am not a jogger”.

No matter what you call yourself, be proud that you are moving, be happy that you are doing something good for yourself, and be confident that you are lapping everyone who is on the couch!!

What about you?

Do you call yourself a runner?

Did it take a moment/race/speed to help you cross over to the “runners” side?


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