W.O.W. #7 National Running Day!

Photo May 26, 9 39 28 AM - Copy-001Happy National Running Day! The running community is such a wonderful thing to be a part of…pulling people together from all over the world with one common goal. We experience together the highs and the lows, and every mile builds us into the person we are becoming.

Today’s quote comes to you from Amy Marxkors, the author of “The Lola Papers” (one of my favorite running books) and contributor to the Fleet Feet Newsletter.

“Running is such lovely illustrator of life, human nature, and the many and diverse facets of the two. In a single race, we can see qualities that are attractive, qualities we’d like to emulate, qualities we’d like people to see in us, and qualities that we wouldn’t. We learn about ourselves, and we learn about others. We learn that no lesson is isolated to the miles, but that our decisions and actions carry over into every other area of our lives. How we are molded and shaped on the road is not undone when we kick off our running shoes.”

~ Amy Marxkors


How are you celebrating National Running Day? I rode my spin bike this morning…I know. Shame on me.


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