Treadmills – not just for winter anymore

It’s Friday! I’m actually having a TGIF kind of day because I’m actually working this week! After 6 weeks of wonderful “me-time” filled with moving, unpacking, organizing, crafting, cooking and  Ellen show watching…I’m back to work. I’m experiencing a whole new world of ranching and hospitality with my new position at Zapata Ranch! It’s a big change from always being involved with health and fitness for work, but I’m ready for the challenge and excited to keep 1 foot in the fitness world with this blog and my own healthful pursuits! And besides, who can complain about an office view like this!



While adjusting to the new work schedule, I’m also having to re-think my workout schedule for the week. I’ve been spoiled with complete freedom to do whatever workouts I wanted, when I wanted in the past month. But now it’s back to reality and like most of the rest of the world,  my workouts have been delegated to either before or after work. It’s still windy season here in Southern Colorado (they tell me it ends…I’ll believe it when I see it), so I prefer to run in the morning to avoid the gusts and dust. I also like getting out in the morning because it’s a great way to start the day, and minimizes that excuses that can come up after a long day at work.

Yesterday however, sleep won and I decided to save my run for after work. With the afternoon came wind (imagine that!) and complete dread of running through 15+mph gusts.  So I did what I rarely do…hit the gym treadmill. When I do choose to ditch the beautiful outdoors for the boring ol’ treadmill, it’s usually because it is below zero, or too icy outside to be safe, but I learned yesterday though that it can be totally worth it sometimes to avoid less than optimal running conditions. I ran harder than I have in a while, the change of scenery was actually kind of nice (hello evening news) and I didn’t come back wind burned and wiped out. And it’s much easier to keep a positive attitude when you aren’t focusing all of your power on moving forward instead of backwards or sideways.  I think the fact that I use the treadmill so minimally makes it’s kind of fun sometimes! I don’t think I could use it regularly though, so this wind better get outta here soon.

I know as well as you how boring a half hour of running in place can be, so I created a workout that pushed me and made the time fly by. I call it “3-2-1 Style”, because I run a slower speed for 3 minutes, faster for 2 and then even faster for 1. Repeat for 30 minutes! Don’t forget to warm-up and cool down too. I have my speeds from yesterday below, and I went exactly 3 miles. Feel free to adjust the speed up or down…whatever floats your boat!





What about you?

Do you like the treadmill? Or are you willing to run in any & all  conditions?

How do you fit your workouts into a busy day?


Disclaimer: Although I am an AFAA certified Personal Fitness Trainer, you should consult a physician before starting any exercise program or diet. If you choose to do any workouts on this website, you do so at your own risk. 


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