W.O.W. #8 – Wind

Photo May 26, 9 39 28 AM - Copy-001

It’s windy. Have I told you that yet? If you are a friend of mine, follow my facebook page, or just talk to me in general, you probably know how much I hate the wind. And dang-it it is still windy out here in the valley. I try to stay positive, do my best not to complain, but wind just is my least favorite thing in the world. Someone once told me that wind disturbs the ions around your body, and for some people it doesn’t phase them, or even makes them happy, and others it it affects very negatively. I know nothing about ions and this could be completely bogus, but if it’s not – I’m definitely the one whose ions get all up in a bunch when it’s windy.

I’ve been thinking though, and both realistically and metaphorically wind (like other annoying life situations) puts you in a position to make some choices. I heard this quote earlier this week and it was perfect for today’s “Words on Wednesday”. Perhaps I need to add a “W” to make it “Words on a Windy Wednesday”.

“The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts their sails”

~ William Arthur Ward


I need this encouragement as much as the next person. When we are faced with challenging situations it is so important to look on the bright side and re-adjust to keep on track. I also heard a quote from Henry Ford that that talks about how an airplane has to take off against the wind. That really inspired me!


Take the challenges, learn, change and grow from them and then go fly!


Happy Wednesday!



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