W.O.W. #12 – Commitment

We are still in the middle of our big summer vacation…after spending a week in California with friends we headed to the Midwest and arrived in MN last night to spend a week with my family. As much a I love to run in new places, and vacation seems like the perfect opportunity to take your time with workouts, I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to keep it up. The pool/ocean/lake has been calling my name and it takes a real effort to maintain some kind of a fitness regime. I have tried I keep a positive attitude and instead of getting down about not getting the mileage in each week, just focusing on doing something active every day and taking time to enjoy it. If nothin else, maybe it can counter-balance some of the delicious and not so healthy meals we have been enjoying! It takes work to be committed and having a flexible frame of mind is key.


A few of my workout highlights so far on vacation…


~ A 10K PR at the Channel Islands 4th of July Harbor Run.

~ a trail run in the Santa Monica Mountains

~ an aqua workout inspired by the latest Fitness magazine workout section at a hotel pool

~ a run through the MN farms followed by some ploys and planks

Every little bit adds up, so even on vacation find a few minutes to get moving, and then sit back, relax and enjoy what the day has in store!

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