Pinterest Inspired Workouts

Even as a personal trainer, I know how tough it can be sometimes to pull together the motivation to work out and THEN have to figure out what to do for a workout. It is easy to go out for a little run, or do some sit-ups, but challenging yourself when you are on your own can be tough! While I love to put together challenging workouts for others, sometimes that is a hard thing to do for myself, and when I find the creativity lacking I often turn to Pinterest.

Now, I want to say that many, MANY of the workouts I see come across my Pinterest feed are not extremely effective. Either that – or they promise 6 pack abs by doing 3 moves before your shower. Come on. However, I have found a few workouts that I find myself returning to again and again because they are simple to follow, challenging, and they ACTUALLY WORK! I want to share my favorites with you here today.

My favorite upper body workout:


I just did this baby last night! I used lighter weights on this workout for higher reps. It takes about 15-20 minutes to get through start to finish. It wasn’t super hard, but left me with a good burn! Unlike some upper body focused workouts, it left me able to lift my arms above my head the next day. Choose a weight that gets tough at about rep 12 for you. And go through the workout twice for am extra toning challenge!

My favorite leg workout:

How to get Legs Like Carrie Underwood: the Carrie Underwood Workout

I know it sounds cheesy “Carrie Underwood’s Legs!” – but hey…who doesn’t want Carrie’s legs? This workout won’t necessarily turn you into a country superstar (dang!) but it is great for strengthening and toning your legs. There are quick little videos to watch to be sure you are doing the exercise right too. I like the combo of plyometric drills with strength moves.

My favorite interval workouts/my new favorite blog:

Blonde Ponytail


I discovered this blog on Pinterest a few months back and kept coming back to it for her great total body HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. There are options with and without equipment, home workouts and gym workouts. I think the Total Body Home Tabata Workout is my favorite…but they are all good when you need someone to show you exactly what to do! You’re guaranteed a good sweat and great results!

Maybe after getting motivated Pinterest style…I’ll start working on some of my OWN workout designs again!

What about you?

Do you get workout motivation from Pinterest?

Do you pick a workout based on the celebrity who does it?

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