W.O.W. #15 – Flexibility


20130729-194805.jpgGood Wednesday Morning Everyone! Some words on this sunny Wednesday….

“Blessed are the flexible. For they shall not be bent out of shape”.

~Michael McGriffy

I have learned (and am still learning ehh hmmm…) that the secret to a happy life is flexibility. If we aren’t flexible at work, with our friends, with our family, with our plans, with our training…we’re bound to get pretty off kilter. Things rarely goes as planned – and being so totally stuck on what you had planned would happen is a recipe for disappointment and stress. Trust me, I’ve learned from experience.

“What!” you say?


Not flexible?

Ha! I’ve recently been compared (by my husband no less) to Monica Gellar from Friends and Kourtney Kardashian. Ok…I’ve been known to be strung a little tightly. But, I have really been working on rolling with punches and accepting what is happening right here, right now. It really makes a difference!


The main reason I LOVE this quote – is that it not only is so totally applicable in the context of life – but I love to think of it in a fitness context too! Flexibility is the key to preventing injury, more efficient workouts and improved recovery. Take the time to stretch sometime during your day. Maybe a few good-morning-cat-stretches, some post-run-hip-openers or some relaxing-wind-down-stretches at night. My favorite stretch for anytime of the day? The forward hang! You can do it anywhere and it’s great for stretching your hamstrings and back. And if you are dragging at work – getting some blood flow to the brain can be a natural energizer!

images (1)


photo courtesy of http://www.realsimple.com


Have a wonderful Wednesday – don’t forget to go with the flow!


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