From a Perfect Weekend to a Prepared Week

Happy Monday! I have learned that my Mondays are much happier when I have had a fun, productive weekend with plenty of sleep.  We had a wonderful weekend filled with relaxing at the pool in the sun, long walks, dinner and drinks with friends and more. We even did some yard work and house cleaning! While having fun weekends is awesome – taking a little bit of time to do some prep for the upcoming week is totally worth the time for a smooth transition into a healthy, happy week.


views from my weekend fun run – yep – I was stalking my hubby at the golf course – creepy!

I have been a slacker this summer when it comes to meal prep and planning, and injuries have derailed my running training so there have been times that I just feel like I’m trying to keep my head above water, stay active and eat something besides potato chips.

It’s amazing how a little planning can really set you back on track quickly…here are a few things that helped me get on track this weekend:


  • Did something fun and active each day for at least an hour. River walks, fun jog, morning yoga!
  • Printed out some strength circuits to use this week – less thinking is best when a busy schedule is on tap!
  • Made a general outline of this week’s workouts. This week’s workouts include 3 runs, some cross training cardio, strength circuits on 3 days, and some new ab workouts. I’ve found that making a list of the workouts you want to complete, and picking them each day helps keep you on track but keeps you flexible too. As long as they are all crossed off by the end of the week!
  • Woke of this morning and RAN! It was so tempting to cuddle in and snooze for another 30 minutes – but I knew that starting the week with fresh air and a workout was the key to a successful week. So glad I did!


  • I did all my grocery shopping early on Saturday morning to avoid the crowds and to get it off my weekend to-do list. By 8:30 am I had healthy food for the week bought, unloaded, washed, prepped and put away.
  • Make ahead: I made fresh batches of protein bars and granola Saturday morning. I always make something up when I make granola – and this batch was my best one yet! I have to remember what I did and get the recipe posted to share with you guys! I also made a big batch of quinoa that I turned part of into an Italian salad and kept the rest to add to meals and salads all week.
  • Plan some meals: I didn’t do an exact meal plan this week – but I picked 4 meals that used some overlapping ingredients that can be used for dinner or lunch this week. We love leftovers so I try to make big batches and use up all of the fresh produce early on in the week so nothing is wasted.

Overall, I’m feeling pretty good going into the week. My best friend is coming to visit and I can barely contain my excitement! I’m confident that I can stick to my workout plan this week and I’m excited to try some new recipes too!

Have a great week everyone – and if you didn’t manage to do healthy-week-prep this weekend don’t get discouraged! Take a few minutes tonight to write down a healthy meal or two you want to make this week, and your goals for working out for the rest of the week!

What about you?

Do you meal plan every week?

Do you stick to a set workout plan?

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