W.O.W. # 16 – Happiness



Sometimes it feels like our world is filled with the “pursuit of happiness”.

Whatever makes you happy.

I’m all about being happy. In fact – I try to do something each day that makes me happy. Maybe it’s turning on Full House re-runs while I eat my breakfast. Maybe it is calling a friend just to talk. Maybe it’s moving dinner out to the patio during sunset.

What is tough to remember sometimes, though, is happiness isn’t the end goal. It’s not about the constant effort to “pursue”. We should find happiness throughout all of the ups and downs, not being blind to the journey. Sometimes we get so focused on our goals, our dreams, our maybe-one-days that we miss out on the perfectly happy life we have right now.

Some Words for Wednesday…


photo credit to http://www.thecaregiverspace.org


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