Run at Work Day


I’m so happy that I randomly decided to pack my running clothes this morning before I headed off to work “just in case” I had the chance to get out for a run. When I realized that it was “Run at Work Day” later this morning, I was even more determined to make it out for a run today! There’s nothing quite like taking 30 minutes at lunchtime to run through the beautiful ranch – where touches of fall are starting to pop up everywhere. The air was cool and the sun was bright and I really couldn’t have asked for a better run! Why don’t I do this more often?

Here are a few views from the run:20130920-121427.jpg





The horses were all out to pasture today, so not much to see at the corrals!


Fall leaves and flowers are so beautiful! 


20130920-122156.jpgThe Great Sand Dunes are a breathtaking backdrop no matter what the weather! 


Did you know it’s Run at Work Day? You still have a few hours to hit the road (or the dirt) before the weekend hits! Didn’t bring your running gear? Go for a quick walk break or turn a Friday meeting into a walking meeting…you will be so happy you did! 


Where does YOUR workday run take place? 



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