W.O.W. #23 – fear

Hey everyone! I hope your week is going great! I’m not quite sure the future of this blog – with the new, big, fun, time consuming project of my new website and blog over at Home Field Fitness. But until I figure that all out… I couldn’t give up my weekly “Words” post.

As a “blogger”, not only do I spend time on my own site, but I LOVE reading other people’s blogs! I read blogs by trainers, food lovers, coaches wives, crafters, moms…normal people! There are so many inspiring ones out there. One I really love is “Living Well Spending Less”. It’s full of inspiring quotes, cool DIY stuff, recipes and money saving tips! Ruth is doing a 31 Days of Less & More Challenge that I’m really excited to follow. There is so much to be said for simplifying your life, while gaining more of what will make you strong and happy. Today’s challenge is to have LESS FEAR and conquer something you’re afraid of. Which leads me to the quote she shared…


I think sometimes fear can camouflage itself as excuses, dislike, or a comfort zone.  Identifying that fear is the first step, and then having the courage to look past it and JUST DO IT! I hope you’re check out her post over at LWSL and follow the challenge! I know I’ll be working on some of the challenges too!

What fear will you conquer today?


Check out Home Field Fitness!!

Happy Saturday!


I’m so excited to announce here the launch of my new dream project…Home Field FItness. This a new website and blog with fitness, fuel and other insights into living a healthy life as a coaches wife. For all of the sports gals out there – or just people wanting to find ways to fit in fitness to their crazy life, I hope you can find something you’re looking for at Home Field Fitness. 

Today I posted a Game Day Stadium Workout that I think all of you will really love. It’s a great total body circuit that can be done ANYWHERE! 



I hope you will check out the page and let me know what you think!