My 25

25 random things you didn’t know about me

1. I copied this idea from a trashy-celeb-gossip magazine

2. So yes, I read trashy-celeb-gossip magazines. Only because they are free at work

3. I love free stuff

4. I’ve lived on both US coasts and 3 states in-between

5. I’m a sports girl. Love me some college football and basketball!

6. I love to travel

7. I am outside every single time I have the chance if the sun is shining

8. I graduated from high school and college in the same arena – depressing

9. I love scrapbooking and doing projects

10. I have piles of cookbooks but only ever make things from recipes I keep in a binder

11. My favorite kind of food is mexican

12. And thai

13. And bacon

14. Wind makes me crabby

15. I’m claustrophobic

16. I love hiking

17. I think I belong on the beach…forever

18. I obsessively use the dot-dot-dot punctuation and don’t plan to stop

19. I’m scared of birds

20. I’ve never owned a dog

21. I can do the splits

22. I can’t touch my toes

23. I’ve been to China

24. I’ve never used an ATM – EVER

25. I’ve learned that 25 things is a lot of things and I have a new level of respect for the blog I just read that listed 100 things.


One thought on “My 25

  1. I would add:
    26. You’re cute
    27. You’re energetic
    28. You’re visionary
    29. You’re the fearless leader of a bunch of young adults with Celiac Disease or a Gluten Intolerance
    30. You make great cookies!

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