Cool TV Find!

I was relaxing on my couch tonight, surfing through some tv channels when I landed on one of my standbys – the Cooking Channel. There was a show on that I had never heard of before called “My Life In Food”. I checked it out and it was one of the coolest shows I’ve seen in a long time! It was a half hour featurin 2 women with “food allergies”. I learned the Jennifer Esposito (actress – I recognized her from Samantha Who?) has a severe case of celiac disease and she spent time talking about her symptoms, diagnoses, and her life with food afterwards. She has such a contagious personality and was so fun to watch. She has launched her own gluten free line called Butter and Sugar and even brought the film crew into her kitchen while she baked. She is a great celiac ambassador and really drove home the point that we should be able to eat delicious food, without gluten   – as well as without refined sugars and other icky stuff. Jennifer didn’t settle to order salad at restaurants. She met with the kitchen and wait staff and made sure she could eat delicious food safely.

The other woman featured was Sloane Miller – AKA “Allergic Girl“. She has numerous food allergies herself, and blogs and consults with other food allergic people to help increase awareness and help people  with cooking, shopping and eating out.

I was so excited to see a show on cable that had such a real look at Celiac Disease, gluten allergies and other food allergies. It wasn’t about eating gluten free as a fad diet, it was about real people with real issue with food who have come out on top and are living life to the fullest. The episode was titled “Please Don’t Pass the Nuts” – if you can check a re-run sometime I highly recommend it!

One thought on “Cool TV Find!

  1. I loved this episode with Jennifer and we need more of Jennifer on cooking channel. she really knows how to bring it home with gluten free baking and cooking. would love to see more episodes like this as i for one have Celiac Sprue and allergic to dairy products.

    Sincerely, Pam Myers

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