Gettin’ Our Move On

Nope…this isn’t a workout post. It’s a life update post. It’s official guys…we’re moving! The life of being a football wife has truly begun. I may have conquered a few years of off-season conditioning, recruiting seasons and the big one: FOOTBALL SEASON. I have figured out some great tricks to keep warm during end-of-season rivalry games. I’ve even learned some great ways to stay close to my husband during his crazy-busy-football-doesn’t-wait schedule. But I have yet to conquer the first move. While we knew that this was a likely possibility this year (as grad school was over and it’s time for a REAL JOB!)…we had no idea where football would take us, and when!? 


So, I was surprised, but also excited to learn that we are actually staying in the beautiful state of Colorado, just headed out way down south to Alamosa. We visited the town a few weeks ago while he was interviewing and although it’s going to be a big change, I can’t wait to take this next step in our lives. I think we’re really going to like the small town, the smaller school and the young staff he’ll be working with. I’m already getting excited for football season!  So it’s official: we’re Adams State Grizzlies! 



As moving month is upon us, I may not be posting as much as I would like to. I’m finishing up working here in Fort Collins while “Coach” is already hard at work in Alamosa. We’ll be doing some back-and-forth driving while packing, house hunting, etc. 


I am truly trying to soak this experience up, not let the stress soak ME up. I also really want to appreciate Fort Collins in these last few weeks. It’s helpful knowing that we have family and friends here – so leaving isn’t permanent by any means. And it’s only a few hours away when we want to come visit. That being said, I have a few “bucket-list” things to do in the next few weeks.


1. Don’t forget about fitness! Packing can be exhausting, but I don’t want that to get in the way of my workouts. I want to hit up my favorite running trails and work out with some of my buddies before I take off.


2. Go to my favorite restaurants! The one thing we’ll really be missing in Alamosa is the amazing selection of food we have grown so accustomed to in FC. I’ll be eating my way through some of my favorites before we go for sure. Tokyo Joes and Snooze are at the top of my list! 


3. Friends and Family! I am so blessed to have my immediate family right here in town (most of them anyways…except for my lucky lil sis in Hawaii) and some of the best friends a girl can ask for. You can be sure we’ll be doing plenty of gluten free baking, girls nights and coffee dates before I make the big move. 


When I get my kitchen back together in our new home, and hopefully a kick-butt workout room too..I’ll be sure to post my latest recipe experiments, workouts and more! 


What about you…

Any coaches wives out there? How many times have you “made the move” ?

Any packing advice? 

One thought on “Gettin’ Our Move On

  1. Make sure you get your share of chick-fil-a (or just their fries..) I don’t know if Alamosa has it down there but out here, I’m dying without it!! And Panera, Qdoba and Snooze as well haha. But anyways, I’m so happy for you guys!!!

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